NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation- Taught by Diana Florence
Family or other groups welcome.
Classroom & Range instruction----hands-on, one-on-one, at YOUR pace.
Ladies only classes taught by ladies.
Great for beginners or as a refresher course.

Course walks you through at your own pace making you feel more safe,
confident, and comfortable with firearms. Starts out with .22 caliber pistols (low
recoil and noise) and moves to larger calibers (.38, 9 mm, .40, .45) when you
are ready.

NRA First Steps Pistol Safety Orientation teaches basic knowledge, skills, and
attitude for owning and operating a pistol SAFELY. We will walk you,
one-on-one, step-by-step, through SAFE handling of both semi-automatics and
revolvers, their function, fundamental skills of shooting, and cleaning.

We offer assistance in choosing a handgun that will best suit you. Exposure to
firearms of different models enables you to have HANDS-ON experience and
see what best fits your experience and needs. Please do not hesitate to email or
call with questions!

Contact Greenridge Shooting Range (205-681-2121) or Diana Florence
(205-647-6925) or email with questions and we will
tell you how to register on the NRA website.

Course Date  Call the range for times
NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation- Taught By John Wayne Deloach

This is a course for beginning shooters and refresher firearms safety course for
established shooters.  The course will last approximately 3-4 hours which
includes 1 ½ hours classroom learning safety of revolvers and semi-automatic
pistols.  Students will bring only one of their personal unloaded firearms to the
classroom and it will be inspected by the instructors. All ammunition will remain
in their vehicle at this time.  No ammo allowed in classroom as per range rules.

Classrooms will consist of in depth firearms safety on the range or in the home.  
Range time will follow classroom, each student will be trained one on one as to
the operation of their firearm.

The instructors have firearms available for the student to use if they do not
have a firearm, however ammunition must be purchased from the range.  
Students will need at least 50 rounds of ammunition.

Cost for this course is $85.00 to be paid day of the class.
Contact Greenridge Shooting Range at (205) 681-2121 to sign up for class or
by email

Certified Instructor John Wayne DeLoach
Alabama Peace Officers Standards Training Commission (A.P.O.S.T.
NRA Certification-Pistol

Course Dates 2016
February 20th and 21st 1:30PM
March 12th and April 9th 1:30PM
March 26th and April 23rd 9:00AM

NRA Basic Pistol Course-Taught by John Wayne Deloach

This course is a minimum of 8 hours taught in classroom and on the firing
range. Student will be instructed in NRA rules for safe gun handling, pistol parts
and operation of single action and double action revolvers and semi-automatic
pistols. Instructions also include proper ammunition  and shooting fundamentals
including bench rest and standing positions for both two-handed and one-
handed grips. Cleaning procedures and proper storage of firearms is included.

The cost for this course is $125.00.

All instructors are NRA Certified.

John Wayne Deloach and Frank Sparks - Instructors

Contact Greenridge Shooting Range at (205) 681-2121 to sign up for class or
by email

    Call the range for times for Basic Pistol
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