Instructor - John Wayne DeLoach
John Wayne DeLoach
John Deloach has been a "teacher of teachers"
for many years now. During his law enforcement
career John became an expert in firearm safety
and use. He trained police officers how to shoot.
He not only protected the citizens of Birmingham
but was chosen to protect United States
presidents during their visits. Take a look at
John's impressive credentials below.

John likes to have fun demonstrating "Cowboy
Shooting". He entertained us here at Green
Ridge Shooting Range on our opening day. Of
course, with a name like "John Wayne", he would
have to be great with a six-shooter
Police Experience
  • Retired Police officer with the Birmingham Police Department (1966-
  • Birmingham Police Tactical team member (1972-1976). Sniper and
    assistant team leader
  • Police Academy Drill Instructor at the Birmingham Police Academy
  • SWAT Team Instructor (1978-1986)
  • Firearms Instructor since 1981. Certified by Alabama Peace Officers
    Standards and Training Commission  (A.P.O.S.T )
  • NRA Certification Pistol
  • Police Baton Instructor
  • Police Street Survival Instructor (FBI Certified)
  • Martial Arts Instructor
  • Robbery Surveillance Team Member
  • Special Deputy U.S. Marshal (1996-2004)
  • U.S. Court Security Officer and Range Master (2004-2010)

Police Training
  • Birmingham Police Academy (1966)
  • FBI SWAT School (1972)
  • Sniper School (1978). Trained by the U.S. Army
  • Mental Awareness Instructor for Patrol Officers
  • Member of National Tactical Officers Association

Training Schools
  • Strategic Weapons and Tactics Seminar (1982)
  • Special Weapons and Training (1983)
  • FBI Officer Street Survival School
  • Secret Service Seminar on Dignitary Protection
  • Escorted numerous Presidents on visits to Birmingham, Alabama
  • FBI Hostage Negotiation Seminar