Instructor - Diana Florence
Diana Florence
Current/Active Certifications:

NRA Certified Refuse to be a Victim
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor
NRA Certified Firearm Safety in the Home
NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home
SASS Range Officer-I
SASS Range Officer-II

Firearms and Teaching Experience:

Competitive shooting since 1996
NRA Certified Instructor since 2000
Served BGTC Board of Directors since 2009-2013 assisting to increase membership
from 500 to 900+
Co-Head Director/Coordinator of establishing an NRA Training Team 2010-2011
Coordinated/planned classes for both beginners (over 150 students) 2010-2011
Recruited NRA instructors and coordinated additional training classes for fellow
Match Director and Secretary/Treasurer for OYS since 2000

Diana became an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor as well as an RO-I and RO-II
certified by the Single Action Shooting Society in 2000. She is currently working toward
her RO-III in SASS and is qualified to work toward becoming an NRA Training Counselor.
Over the years, she has been a member of three different gun clubs starting with
Cherokee Gun Club in Gainesville, GA (1995-2000); Steel City/Brock’s Gap Training
Center in Hoover (2004-present), and more recently Greenridge Shooting Range.  She
has served on the board of directors of BGTC as membership/communication secretary
promoting the club growth from 500 to 900+ members. She was also appointed co-head
training director for establishing an NRA Training Team helping to organize and
coordinate classes for students as well as for further training and recruiting of NRA
Instructors in order to meet training demands. She currently serves as match director
and secretary/treasurer for Old York Shootists since 2000 (a cowboy action shooting
group recently moved to Greenridge) and is promoting new members and training
classes at Greenridge.  She teaches all NRA shooting disciplines, personal safety (with
and without firearms) for ladies groups, and cowboy action shooting orientation classes.

She is an NRA Life Member and strongly believes in our 2nd Amendment right to keep
and bear arms and promotes at every opportunity being a safe and responsible gun
owner. She has been passionately involved in being a volunteer instructor for NRA
Firearms Safety Training since 2000. She enjoys working with beginners, especially
women and children, quickly putting them at ease because she knows they learn best
when relaxed. She has assisted the Youth Director at BGTC with rifle and shotgun
classes for Boy Scouts earning their merit badges and with school groups such as
Minor High and Shades Crest Home School group. It gives her an absolute thrill to watch
her students, especially the ladies, go from fearing firearms to leaving her class
comfortably able to safely and confidently handle those handguns.
Diana has been shooting competitively with
pistols, rifles, and shotguns since 1996,
having been introduced to shooting by her
husband, retired Jefferson County Deputy
Sheriff, Mike Florence. Diana especially
enjoys cowboy action shooting and
long-range silhouette (200-600 yard)
matches with her .45-70 Browning BPCR
buffalo rifle.  The only thing she enjoys
more than shooting is teaching others to