I celebrated my 14th birthday with my new Rugar 10/22 rifle at Greenridge Shooting
Range. Chris was a very smart cool instructor and I had a awesome time! I learned a lot
about safety and shooting.  I hit the bulls eye on every shot and had so much fun!!  Can't
wait to shoot again at Greenridge.  
Evan Aldridge/ Age 14

I experienced "real shooting" for the first time with my son Fletcher. We had a great time,
I was really impressed with the nice friendly professional atmosphere, the instructors
knowledge and my noticeable improvement. My son Fletcher was not going to shoot,
however Chris was able to get him involved and he shot 9 different guns during our visit.
We had a GREAT time! Shooting at Greenridge is much more fun and different than
shooting in the backyard and pasture.
Catana Jones/ Age 39  

I attended the Basic Pistol Training Course taught by Chris. I was very impressed with
his knowledge and professionalism. It was very exciting and very easy to learn from him.
The course was fun, safe and very informative. I have had several people try to teach me
things and as I have learned they were wrong (LOL).  I would highly recommend the
course for anyone wanting to learn proper safety and pistol shooting.
Holly Richmond/ Age 42  

Hello to anyone interested in taking classes from this group of great people.  I am 64
and had never fired a gun in my life.  I took this course to get over my fear of a firearm
and to learn how to properly handle and shoot a firearm.  I wanted to be able to protect
myself and my home.  I am proud to say that I no longer fear them, and during my visit, I
fired several different guns and felt comfortable during and afterwards.  I would
recommend this class and especially these knowledgeable people to anyone who
might be wary but interested.  Your friend......Linda

What a day!  Fun, safe and  friendly personnel instructors who gave me much
confidence in myself. My husband and I really enjoyed our visit to Green Ridge.   
Sue Jeffreys/ Age 64

Most fun I have had in a while. Chris did an amazing job showing me how to shoot. It is
a lot more fun being able to hit what you are shooting at!
Louie Davis/ Age 56

I had so much fun learning how to shoot properly at Green Ridge. My instructor and
Green Ridge staff were so nice.  Thanks Green Ridge.  
Pat Silvey/ Age 63

The instructor staff was very professional and knowledgeable.  My 14 year old and I
attended the Basic Pistol Course  and WE LOVED IT!! We felt very safe and comfortable.
Neither of us had ever shot a pistol and we do not own any firearms. I would
recommend the Basic Pistol Class to anyone.  
Andy Croaker/ Age 44
About Us
What People Are Saying About Us
Billy and Debra Cook couldn’t agree more. After a long career in design and
construction, the Cook’s decided to build Green Ridge Shooting Range in
Cleveland, Alabama.

“Debra and I both grew up shooting” Billy said. “Her dad would take her
hunting and of course I have been hunting all my life too. We both enjoy
shooting and have a lot of fun with it. There wasn’t a gun range up this way
and it seemed like something the people around here would enjoy.”

Green Ridge offers outdoor shooting and can accommodate handguns as
well as rifles and shot guns.  Future plans include a member’s only range, a
picnic pavilion, and an archery range. Plans are in motion now to install a
clay and skeet shooting area.

“Our goal is to have a nice safe facility that people can enjoy with their family
and friends, Cook says. Another wonderful feature is the training classes.
We offer basic pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses as well as unarmed self
defense and many others. Green Ridge boasts the finest instructors in the
I hope everyone will come out and see us. We will be sure to make you feel
"Find something you love to do, and you'll
never work a day in your life."
Harvey McKay
To: Jerry and Diana
C/O Greenridge Shooting Range

It having been several year since we had handled a firearm, my wife and decide to
attend the NRA's First Steps Pistol course.  Below are our impressions about the

1. The Instructors were very knowledgeable on the topics of proper handling and
safety associated with pistols.
2. Learning objectives of the course where clearly stated.
3. Special emphasis was placed on the three rules for handling a firearm. Always
keep the firearm pointed in safe direction.  Always keep your finger off the trigger until
you are ready to shoot.  Alway keep your firearm unloaded until ready to use it.
4. When firing with the instructors, they were very helpful, instructive, and encouraging.

The bottom line: After taking the course, my wife and I feel very confident that we can
safely handle and fire our personal firearms.  This was exactly what we were after.

Thank you,

Mark and Corrina McLaughlin
Montgomery, Alabama